Thursday, 12 September 2013


Hello, again my dear friends. It's been a while. As some of you may know, I started college this September and so I have had hardly any time for blogging. This is just a quick page for Inspiration mostly, and also so you know I'm still alive...

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Lake District day 2: Chilling in Keswick

Day two was really a waiting day. We were waiting for my cousin and Aunt to join us in the Lakes. But, of course my aunt (who live closer to the lake District than we do) managed to make a three hour car journey last five hours! 'We took the scenic route' She said. Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to explore Kewick and let you get to know it a bit.  

 Keswick is a small market town in the Lake District, surrounded by mountains and adorned with various outdoor shops and pretty boutiques. There is also a brilliant Joules shop where I got the greatest shirt, but more on that another day.

Other than joules, this has to be my favorite shop in Keswick. Ye Olde Friars is an old fashioned type chocolate shop. I swear, my mouth was salivating at the mere thought of it.


I hate to say it, but I had to admit defeat! I got a few strawberry cheesecake and some chocolate ginger chocolates. 

After decimating probably the tastiest chocolates I have ever tasted, we went for a walk along the river Derwent Water. I managed to get a quick outfit post before my camera died on me. Although, my top got bunched up, making me look like I have  huge belly, which I have, but that's beside the point!

At the end of the day, we managed to get the family all in one place and eat at the restaurant at the campsite. The sunset that evening was amazing! The golden light silhouetted the hills and made them look magical!  

Friday, 2 August 2013

Lake district day 1: River Caldew

Well, hello again you lovely lot! It's been a while, I know, I've been in the lake district for a week. I went up to the lakes with my dad, brother, step mum and during the week, we all met up with her family.

This was our accommodation for the week, cool, aren't they! They're called pods and have electricity and everything. We had an amazing view of the lake Derwentwater and of course, the mountains around the campsite. 

Nothing much happen on the Tuesday we arrived except unpack and collapse into a big heap after our 6 hour car journey! So, I'm not counting it as the first day, on Wednesday, however, we met up with most of my step mum's family and her uncle David (who lives closest to the lakes) showed us this little spot.

This is the river Caldew, it is a shallow river in the valleys which is a great place to cool off on a hot day (like this Wednesday was!) 

It has some wonderful photo opportunities and is just a beautiful place to be, if ever you get the chance to go, I highly recommend it! 

I managed to squeeze in a couple of outfit posts. Not wearing anything fancy, but it was enough (or little enough) to keep me cool.

                         Top Store twenty one
                          Shorts Primark
                         Shoes New look

Hype on lookbook

Anyone see my brother?

In the evening we went to Castlerigg stone circle. It is a stone circle (like Stonehenge) except it is among the earliest British circles, raised in about 3000 BC during the Neolithic period. The reason behind why these stones were put up are unknown, however, one idea is that is was the headquarters to the Neolithic Langdale axe industry. This would be a place where people would come to trade their axes! I'd like to think all this effort was taken just to create an axe shop! 

Just another outfit post, I changed to a skirt only because my 7 year old brother pushed me over  in the river when I tried to give him a cuddle (charming!). Consequently, I got a wet  bum and had to change...

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


Hello my lovely blog readers, it has been a while. It seems I can't go a week without something going wrong with my laptop. I think my charger burnt out so it doesn't turn on. I ordered another lead so hopefully it will work again. For the time being, I have had to put up with the excruciatingly slow library computers.
So, a few weeks ago we had our school prom. It was great seeing everyone dressed up, and it is amazing how hot a suit makes some of the boys look! Anyway, these are a few of the pictures that were taken (I wanted to put more on, but for some reason, the stupid library computers decided otherwise.)


Here are me and my lovely girls all dressed up (don't they look beautiful!). I originally had a short purple dress, but I tried it on a week before prom and found that my boobs had grown considerbly since I brought it, meaning that it didn't fit anymore. I managed to find this light pink one last min and it looks much beter than the other one.

Prom was heald in our school hall, and it actually looked really nice. we had long dark blue curtains and fairy lights pulled round the walls. The dj was on the stage and he played a mix of really good songs and really bad ones (pop party from our childhood!) All in all my look cost about £144, including my hairstyle. Not that bad considering some people spent that much on their dress alone.

Hype on lookbook

Dress and scarf Lily B
shoes new look
Bracelet accssesorize
clutch vintage
hair  hair studio one
earings vintage

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Spring Blazer

 This is what I wore a couple of weeks back, the sun was out (again!) so I thought I'd improve my mood further by clashing brights with pastels. 
Hype on Lookbook

I love this outfit, although the skirt is lovely and flowy, the wind picks it up easily so I have to make sure I have to wear it on a calm day! The blazer was an absolute bargin as well, it was on sale for £11 from £20, then when I went to the till, I found it was actually £7! I was so happy. I like how its not too business-like and formal, it has no button, so you just wear it open and formal.

         Skirt Ebay
         Shoes Primark
    Blazer Next
    Top H&M
    Necklace Claire's

    Gold bracelet Pigeon loft 
    Silver bracelet Rome (Dad brought it back for me)

    Ring Pigeon loft

    Bag Primark

 So, this is my haul for today, not too bad! FYI, sorry for the bad picture quality, this was when my camera decided to die, so I had to take them on my phone.

This morning, we went to a car-boot. Because of the bad weather, it was only a small one, but it also meant less people to compete with, hehe! Anyway, I managed to steal this dress for
only £2!

 I found these little lovelies in Lily B. This has to be one of my favorite shops in town, they have so many pretty, vintage clothes. The good news is, they are moving to a bigger shop,closer to were I live. *cue excited, cray dancing*

                      Shorts Lily B.

One of my other favorite shops in town is Pigeon Loft. It has the most gorgeous collection of Jewelry and accessories ever! I could happily spend all day in that shop, basking in the prettiness that is is! 
                      Necklace and earrings Pigeon Loft

If you look closely, you can see that the necklace has little dandelion clock wisps, so cute! 


Saturday, 4 May 2013


Well hello there! Finally the sun came out, I am so happy. In England, you get so used to the rain, that when it is sunny everyone celebrates! I celebrated by actually getting my legs out.

Denim shirt - H&M
Playsuit - New Look

I chose a pretty spring look, with a floral playsuit and denim shirt. I say the playsuit was from new look (that's where it came from originally), but I foound it in the depths of a charity shop. I love this one, its not as short as other ones that just make me look fat.

I also made these! Yum, I made it more chocolaty from the chocolate shot pot. My dad sorts out the ingredients that goes in it in the factory that makes them, so we get them for dirt cheap. They're so tasty, basically cheap versions of gu. 

This is how they turned out, not too bad, huh?